Red Bud Tree

Columbus is known as the “Redbud City” any local resident would be happy to point out the beautiful trees to you. One place to find the graceful, purple flowering, trees is along Dickason boulevard.

The small, rounded canopy shape of redbud trees make them ideal for many types of landscape design.  They don’t get very tall, are fairly hardy if you are nice to them, and make a spectacular display to kick off the spring season. Besides ornamental value, the flowers of redbud trees are fragrant and edible.   Young redbud fruits and seeds are a favorite food for birds.

Once you know what to look for you will quickly realize that Columbus is full of redbud trees thus deserving of the name, “Redbud City.”   Dozens of Columbus homeowners have cultivated the redbud trees with varying results.

Dennis and Claire Sampolinski  have a few  Cercis Canadensis at their home on the corner of Park Avenue and Fuller.  The trees are believed to be about 15 years old and were planted by the birds living in Claire’s flower beds.   When discovered the interlopers were already 12 inches tall and were too close together so the Sampolinskis decided to transplant one redbud to the other side of the house.  Sadly, that tree passed.  They tried moving another tree over in the flower bed about two feet. That one survived but grew only half as tall as the tree the birds planted. In the 35 years that the Sampolinski’s lived in their home they  figure they bought, planted and killed at least three other redbud trees.   Moral of the story? The Sampolinski’s will let the birds do the planting.

Reuben and Florence Franz  provided a clue as to some early origins of redbud  trees in Columbus.  The Franz’ have three Eastern redbud trees.  One is 48 years old and was purchased from the Columbus Women’s Club, which was promoting them at the time.  Mrs. Franz noted that the trees were featured in St. Jerome’s Altar Society Garden Show 10 years ago, thereby keeping up the tradition.

Robert and Patricia Boness shared that their tree was won by Patricia’s Aunt Pauline in a drawing on Redbud Day about 20 years ago. Since Pauline lived in an apartment  the Boness’ planted the tree at their home.   They have tried on other occasions to grow a redbud tree in the front yard with no luck.   Patricia “love my tree, since my aunt has since passed away, it is a loving and living memory of her.”

Each May, Columbus takes notice of the beautiful redbud tree with “Redbud Day.”  The Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce sponsors a drawing for trees and entry forms can be found at area Chamber businesses.   Redbud Day is always the Saturday before Mothers Day.  Columbus chooses a new “Redbud Prince and Princess” on the library lawn during Redbud Day.